How To Choose a High QUality Early Learning Program

How To Choose a High Quality Early Learning Program


Research has shown that a quality early learning program is the foundation of lifelong learning. Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain development happens before five years of age?  The time spent in selecting a quality early learning program for your child is an investment in your child’s future and the happiness of your family. Finding a quality early learning program, however, can be stressful, challenging and time consuming.

Choosing a quality program will then be based upon what you see, hear and feel. All quality care is based upon relationships. During your visit or interview carefully observe interactions between adults and children, noting how children are encouraged to interact with each other and how you feel welcomed and comfortable.

 High quality early learning programs should look very different from community to community. There is no one “right” high quality early learning program model. Finally, using all of the information provided, you should be able to make an informed decision that will meet the needs of your family. 

We encourage you to tour Illumination as well as other local centers, take notes and ask questions. The center you choose will best fit your child and families needs. Please download our checklist below to bring to your tours of all local early learning centers 


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